Ada embeddings takes very long these couple days

I found the ada embedding becomes extremely slow these couples days. Sometimes it took me 30+ seconds to embed just 1 20-word sentences, which was within 2 seconds before. Any clue?

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Yeah i am also facing this problem today it was working few days back but now it is slow as hell .
it took around 1 min to process 155 Kb of data but now it is taking 1 min to process 1kb of data

Seems to be down to a particular embedding service that runs OpenAI embeds in parallel, which is fine for their users, but everyone else now has to deal with an overloaded service.

There was a incident on the status page yesterday, though claims to be back to normal now.

Can workaround that by switching to Azure, which the ada model is compatible and found that it’s amazingly 10+ times faster, i.e., double-digit ms.