Actions connected to Verified Plugin Schema fails every time

I’m not sure what to do to fix the issue.
If i load a chatGPT chat with plugins enabled, the plugin works without issues.
If i load that same plugin’s schema imported into Actions of a new GPT in the builder, then go to test it after saving. It fails to communicate with the plugin. Also gives no useful information as to why it’s failing.
I think it would be a better build if there was an option to select an already verified plugin in the Actions menu. One would think it wouldn’t be this hard to connect to things that are already connected and working via plugins.

Any update on this? I too cannot get the action to work. I noticed that when I save bearer id and return to window it says “hidden” again as if it did not save but presumably it saved correctly and is not the issue. The GPT just says oops a hiccup connecting “error talking to your app”. I can see the json and the structure looks ok as far as the api call but it does not work. I can’t find detailed documentation beyond this: OpenAI Platform. Not much help. How about a GPT that ingests all the relevant documentation for GPT creation so we can just query it?

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Yeah, tried that. There wasn’t enough in the documentation for that afaict.
I found that with mine, it isn’t making the call to the endpoint correctly. Here it is working in a Plugins enabled chat thread.

And yet here it is when attempting to make the call in a GPT Action.

It’s sending an empty json string instead of the right call. And even after asking it to explain what it sent, and adjusting the schema manually in the edit actions dialogue, that i got it to match the same json expression as the plugins shows it sends, it still fails.