Action Stuck in a Authorization Loop

I am running into an issue where I run into an authorization loop.

My setup is a server in the middle that handles the authentication and additional endpoints (for now only one additional endpoint).

I have created the action with OAuth security scheme. When I test the endpoint, it calls it correctly (sends the json), then requests authentication. Upon successful redirection back to chatGPT it asks me to authenticate again.

I cannot seem to get it to complete the original request. It just asks me to authenticate again. By the way, the authentication is always successful.

In my server logs I noticed it only shows the /authenticate and never calls the original function (even though I can see gpt has the correct json).

It’s likely that your OAuth has actually completed successfully, there’s a known bug where the sign in button stays in the chat. If you try send another message in that chat asking to call an action, it should complete successfully.

Thanks!! I had just figured this out before you sent the message. I spent 12 hours trying to fix this. What a nightmare! Really hope they fix this soon.