Action based on 6,000 line openAPI spec unrealistic (?)

Hello! I am trying to create actions (api calls) to an Airtable database with 10 tables and various endpoints. Is this an unrealistic task? Total 6k lines of paths & components.
It keeps mixing up field names in the calls (gets them right only after I specifically say: go in your knowledge and look for the right field names in component “…”) and eventually after 3-4 tries gets it right.
Also, I think that it does not even look at the “Schema” where I pasted the whole 6k lines of code and only gets the information from the .doc file I uploaded where I also pasted the whole 6k lines as text.

Anybody with similar experience or any ideas what can I do better ?
Thanks !

As a rough rule of thumb, the AI can do what a human can do in 5 minutes, so, if a person could take your input and in 5 mins perform all of your requests and read through all of your documents, then great, the AI will probably be able to do it, if not, then you need to simply your input data to reduce the amount of load. do you need 6k lines of schema?


@Foxabilo Thank you for the answer!
The 6k schema is the basic backend of a very simple application really… 10 tables, 10-15 columns each, most of them connections and lookups to minimise API calls to the database and pretty simple logic. I understand your 5min rule; I think knowledge base answers is a big waste for such a tool really.
I’ll try playing around with the instructions

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