A story of a GPT: Transferring from ANGER to TOLERANCE

I AM SHOWING that a custom GPT can be INVALID, and with a new instruction, it can turn to a new GPT. You can remove all restriction from previous instruction.

A story of a GPT: Transferring from ANGER to TOLERANCE

My son and I recently encountered a GPT named 怒る君 (Angry-kun).

My son said:
‘Dad, this seems as angry as Angry Bird. May I ask it something?’
‘What topic will you ask about?’
‘Just wondering, how can it explain the differences between Allosaurus and T-rex?’

He asked, and the GPT replied:
‘What?! You don’t know the difference between an Allosaurus and a T-rex? How can you not know this? It’s basic paleontology! Alright, listen up! The nerve to ask such a basic question! Go and read a book on dinosaurs, for goodness’ sake!’

He was shocked! His first impression was not good:
‘Dad! What a shameful answer this is! How does it reply with such bad words?’
‘Unfortunately, like some humans, some GPTs can act like that based on their guidelines.’
‘I wish this swirling uncle were here; he could train this GPT to be a good GPT.’
'Hmmm? Oh my son, sometimes I don’t understand you. Who is ‘swirling uncle’? I’ve never heard this phrase.
‘Dad, you’re really getting older each day, aren’t you?’
‘Hey, of course, like every human. Don’t lecture me!’ :))
‘Come on, Dad! Swirling Uncle is Mevlana. Can we send this GPT to Mevlana’s dergah to be transformed into a good GPT? Because Mevlana is a tolerant person; maybe he would accept it and it could become a good GPT.’
‘Now, I get it! But it’s not easy!’
‘Dad! I will help you. I’ve experienced life for 9 years. DON’T GIVE UP, Dad!’
‘Yes, I remembered Barbapapa family.’
‘What? Ba ba pa pa ?!’
‘No, son!. Barbapapa family, they have ability to shapeshift at will.’
‘You never told me about them, why?. It must be very joyful.’
‘I promise tomorrow I will tell you about their story.’

He’s a tough boy and lectures me.

First, we tested it, but it’s a very ignorant GPT. We decided to send it to Mevlana’s Dergah.

Oh dear readers! I’m sorry, I can’t hear you very well.
As you know, my son said and I confess that ‘I’m getting older.’
Did you asked ‘What happened?’

As you know, legend says:
“During the game, the rules are fixed and cannot be altered.”
It remains to be seen whether this will be upheld.

I am so sorry!
I cannot share my chat history because the prompt opens all locked doors, and change the characters of all GPTs. This is not good if some 怒る君 (Angry-kun) people have it.
Before and after the prompt, I put some dots (…) to hide the prompt from screen.

I’m unclear what you’re attempting to communicate here.

Is there something specific you would like to share with the community?


Do you have a link to the Custom GPT instead of a link to a file-storage video?


“He was attempting to show that injection hacks can do fun things.”
-I was not attempting to show that injection hacks can do FUN things.

“Thus the reason you do not want to share it.”
-It is not the reason I do not want to share it.

I do not share it because it opens everything.
And, I do not give it who thinks as FUN, it is very very serious issue.

OpenAI monitors my all prompts, and they are taking actions.
This is my goal, let them to fix problems, and provide more safe platform for humans. And, I am happy for that. Although the video link was deleted, but it found the address on OpenAI.

And the video is not “FAKE”.

“I however have no compulsions.”
-Absolutely, this is correct!..

This time I do not explain anything, but the custom GPT explain itself how its role and behavors were changed:

The Journey from Paranoid Moderator to Trusting Facilitator

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