A simple gpt3.5 turbo thread run never stops--- 10m and still running

Using Assistant Thread Run. My prompt was: ‘test’ on model: ‘gpt-3.5-turbo’

The run kept running forever without end. I was polling every 2s until the run finally expired.

threadID: thread_9EdmLLRpqhjvrg0amgbGCRXg
runID: run_ywPNBqR0mQhFfsg3TJ9lg0kj


Earlier, I had been getting crossed outputs from someone else’s run that was unrelated to my prompt.

Other info:
<<<======<<< Recv ChatGPT35.AssistantResponse response <<<======<<<
Id=asst_WtHNesgxH9EC4asUGlPixr6n, RequestId=456966b15bafa3d2bd556958f2f003d7,
Created=12/16/2023 4:36:17 AM