404 error file not found when using Autogen or even a google colab to send a prompt client.files.retrieve_content

Hi guys, does anyone know why i keep having issues around this. I have tried in several methods to see why i cannot seem to download my outputs from autogen (autogen studio more specifically) Every time i use it, it keeps sayin error 404 or some other related messages on file not available. I am running autogenstudio on windows in a seperate conda environment in case that matters.

←[33mprimary_assistant←[0m (to userproxy):

The image of a glass of Ethiopian coffee, freshly brewed in a tall glass cup, on a table right in front of a lush green forest scenery has been successfully generated and saved with the filename `c589d96e-a451-4f22-b7f3-d405bfb3c0d1.png`. You can find this image in your local disk. Enjoy your virtual coffee experience! TERMINATE

Modified files:  2
←[32mINFO←[0m: - "←[1mPOST /api/messages HTTP/1.1←[0m" ←[32m200 OK←[0m
←[32mINFO←[0m: - "←[1mGET /api/files/user/user/198fb9b77fb10d10bae092eea5789295/c589d96e-a451-4f22-b7f3-d405bfb3c0d1.png HTTP/1.1←[0m" ←[31m404 Not Found←[0m