401 Error - Enable JS on your browser error

I am trying to access the site, however I am getting a 401 error only on the prompt and the history panel, the actual response though is “Please Enable JS on your browser” , JS is enabled - otherwise the XHR request would not have even gone through :). I am wondering maybe there is a specific function, or permission the site needs in JS to function. To be clear this has not worked in Chrome, and recently stopped in Firefox, confirmed same error in Edge

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

You either have some software installed that is effecting the JS library, like you have a JS build environment setup incorrectly that is effecting browsers, or your OS install has some JS files corrupted.

The website is working at the moment, and those errors are not typical.

I am working inside a corporate environment, so I agree there maybe something that is affecting the call out. However I would like to continue to allow this tool to be used, it would great to have something to start looking at. The first call that returns that error is :

I will note as well there is no errors in the console (other than the 401’s with this message from any XHR request from that point on) other than JSON errors which I assuming is the JS choking on the HTML when it is expecting JSON (from the error message failed to parse "…