You've reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after 2:04 PM

Yes,same.Just i wast traying to test GPT-4 only able to spend 15 minutes

A month ago it was even less, but now I paid and it’s generally not enough, it’s not worth it, better then go to others

I would like to ask you when you can use chatgpt4.0 again? How long did you wait? I’ve been waiting for an hour and a half, and sadly the message still says: New responses will use GPT-3.5 until your GPT-4 limit resets.

I have no idea. It is so frustrating that I wind up not coming back to it until several hours later or even the next day. I have messaged support about it repeatedly and despite their responses being courteous, they are otherwise 100% unhelpful and without any practical benefit whatsoever.

The most frustrating is that you reach this bizarr limit in a paid account without pre-warning, what a stupid and ignorant method.
And like many say: half of the requests are necessary due to ChatGpt making mistakes.
The worst is that this seems to has been going on for months!

I feel cheated. I just got plus and i didnt know about this. I don’t mind waiting a little but 3 hours is a bit much. Probably going to ask for my money back. I don’t like being tricked.

Ok since we are all having the same problem and it looks like with no changes being made even from last year, what other AI are you all using since it looks like I will be canceling my subscription to this

I have not reached even 20 messages in 3 hours and i was limited. This is like a scam

Does anyone know when will this GPT-4 error for paid users be fixed? It’s a waste of time when it doesn’t work at all.

Guys, it is really annoying with what is happening currently with gpt-4. It did not happen with me before, like I have an upcoming test soon and need it to break the complex problems into smaller pieces, I get errors and sometimes it works and then same thing happen again, is it really plus subscribtion I am getting with that ass peformance of speed and respond. After it I got you reached the limit try again later and guess how much, 1 hour and 50 min !. I hope Open AI to fix it or cancel, if you guys knows better AI than gpt 4 , tell me.

I ended up here because I hit the same wall, and I don’t think there is a fix. AI-based services are incredibly resource-extensive. Both computationally and energy-wise. And this is provider agnostic. I would not be surprised if openai were losing money on each plus subscription that uses 4 or 4o extensively. It’s either lose money or cap power users. Of course one would ask: “why did they deploy this then?” Good question. I don’t have the answer to this. My custom GPT was working great and saving me tons of time, but I will have to go back to the age of stone and use 3.5 :sweat_smile:

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I wanted to make a robot , but since message cap is reached…… I started cooking something with ai as my chef to help, I just got half the menu done and now I’m stuck…… have to eat it raw :)))(((