You've reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after 2:04 PM

Hey folks, thank you for all the feedback here. A few points:

  • Initially the GPT-4 message cap and the GPT message cap were not the same (40 and 25 respectivley)
  • We have since made these the same (40 message cap per 3 hours)
  • I hear you on wanting a higher limit (and in some cases even being willing to pay for a higher limit)
  • To be clear, free tier users do not get GPT-4 access whereas plus users do, so their lack of a cap is on the 3.5 turbo model which also doesn’t have browsing, tools, or GPTs
  • We will do a better job at surfacing these limits and making it more clear up front
  • We really don’t like message caps the same as the rest of y’all, it is mainly a factor of compute scarcity which we are trying very hard to resolve. Rest assured we want people to be using ChatGPT as much as they have a need for!

Thanks for the understanding and being patient with us as we continue to scale. :heart: