Your request to GET /v1/threads must be made with a session key (that is, it can only be made from the browser)

Any idea why threads API does not return something if you are using a secret as the Auth. Did something change for Threads?

I had the same issue, was sending a get instead of a post request.

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Maybe, you missed the data field, for example, -d ‘’.
I had the same issue when I tried this API with curl. After I added the -d ‘’ (empty data), the result didn’t have any errors.

My curl call contains the -d and its exactly as the example on the documentation. I am getting the same error and it doesn’t make sense to me on what it’s missing.

I had to pay attention to your response. The solution is by using “CURL -X POST” instead of using a GET type request as per the documentation example provided. Thanks buddy. Now its working!