Your opinion and use cases for 3.5 and 4

I use the free 3.5 and I couldn’t be happier. I love my chats with 3.5, the language it uses, the formatting, and the answers, everything is very pleasing and helpful.

However , recently I got the 4 teaser, which gives me some 4 time every day. I tried it for generating code and uploading documents to summarise, and for this it works really well.

Other than this I find 4 extremely cumbersome. First of all the formatting is terrible space wasting, then it’s a full blown chatterbox writing out tons of text I neither find useful nor have asked for in such detail. Also, its language seems mechanic and robotic, not empathetic like 3.5. And worst of all, 4 often doesn’t get what I need, fails to guess topics or characters.

For example I was looking for the name of a Japanese cartoon character, and for 15 minutes of guessing game it failed to produce the name. Finally I ran out of free tokens and the app switched back to 3.5 which immediately in its first response guessed the cartoon correctly.

Therefore usually first thing I do now with this 4 being forced on me is I upload some documents and have them summarised to run out of free tokens, and then I use 3.5 which seems far superior to me.

What is your opinion?