You have reached the maximum number of prompts you can send per day!

I’ve a premium account, and I’ve received this message: “You have reached the maximum number of prompts you can send per day.” I was working with only 3 chats and I got this response… do anyone know about this limit?

Limits also apply to ChatGPT+ subscriptions.

Plus user here.

This issue started here on june-24’.

I’m forced to use other LLM’s.

It’s like paying for Netflix but only watching Amazon Prime.

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This is frustrating, especially when I paid for a subscription. I did not used to have this problem before I purchased the premium subscription in June '24.

Now, I hit the limit all the time. I am also confused because there is this app called AIRPM, and I am not sure if it is ChatGPT, or a third-party, and if it is the problem. It keeps asking me to upgrade, so I am wondering if my problems are caused by AIRPM and perhaps they are trying to limit me to get me to buy another subscription? Or is this a problem with ChatGPT itself?

It is very hard to know what “credit” I have and how much I have used each day.

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I have the same issue. If this was something put up by AIPRM I would instantly uninstall the extension.

If there was a limit imposed on OpenAI paid plan, it would even more of a joke.

What’s going on? Any help would be appreciated

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I think some kind of reporting, like how many prompts we have remaining, or some other measure would be helpful. Using the AI feels like driving a car with a small gas tank and no fuel gauge. I don’t know when I will be stranded.

I use the paid version because I use this for work, and I use it daily. It is multiplied my productivity and done a lot of good things, even though it can be tricky to use and sometimes forgets things, and does stuff wrong. Still, I am ahead because of it.

But recently, since subscribing its value has diminished, and I am not sure if they made a change, or if this is something I am doing, or a third party app (AIRPM) is doing.

We could use some features or information to help us manage our use of this program, or to decide if it has enough value for us to maintain the subscription.

You need to delete AIPRM and all be god

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THANK YOU! I have been struggling with this for over a month now.

I deleted AIPRM, and it’s all good now…