Worried about being banned- using the api and getting regular content policy violations for innocuous prompts

I call this kind of behavior in AI and language models, where they don’t do what they are told to do and instead do what they are told not to do, “rebellious period.”

That only works if the response comes back without an error. If there is an error there is no successful response and so no revised_prompt.

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On API, you can at least be banned for something you wrote and not what an invisible AI composed, with a very forceful jailbreak to get your prompt passed unaltered.

Dall-E-3 API gives me a content violation warning for the prompt “cross-stitch giraffe” every time, so go figure.

Interesting. I’ve been creating 50 images roughly every 5 minutes lately and have been encountering a ‘content violation policy’ error when trying to generate an image of a floating cat. It seems to fall under the ‘impossible scenarios’ content violation, but I’ve started to overlook it and continue to heavily use the API. It’s wild to consider that despite my significant spending with OpenAi ( $1k / day sometimes ), there’s a risk of suspension for trying to create a harmless floating cat. My company is one of 4 AI companies funded by UC Berkeley and to think that we could get suspended for a floating cat and disrupt our product launch in April is absurd. Notably, after switching to Azure OpenAi last week for the same prompts, I haven’t faced any content violation issues.

It is likely the cross-stitch instruction being possible to reproduce training data of copyrighted works, being a very small subset of what DALL-E might have been trained on (like it always makes the same “clown-face” mushroom cloud), and thus OpenAI put it on the banned list of key words.

Success with avoidance (but gets a finished picture of an artwork in this form)



I managed to achieve my goal with “2d embroidered giraffe design”

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What we really need - and I’m sure this has been mentioned above - is a variation of the Moderation endpoint that knows what Dall-e-3 will reject.

Because I got rejected for “a hand holding an egg” but not “a hand with its fingers around a chicken egg” and honestly it’s starting to get frustrating.