Will Plugin dev experience make localhost calls?

Hi there,

Will there be a way to run plugins locally? Like have ChatGPT call the API from “localhost,” and not through the internet and then my public IP address. I’m talking about the local browser client making calls to “” This is similar to how react works (or any front end).


Yes, you can start a webserver on your computer and host your endpoints, openapi schema and ai-plugin.json files. Then, when you are creating a plugin in ChatGPT UI, point it a localhost instead of domain and have a proper URLs in your ai-plugin.json. Browser will then make requests to your local endpoints when needed.

Very cool, it’ll make developing a lot faster and easier. Thank you for taking time to answer.


You can run all of these examples on local host: OpenAI API

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I just got access, looks like I’ll be busy playing around for a while :smiley:

Going to need a lot of coffee :coffee: