Why the last review is not sunmrized in Chinese?

I am testing ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers from deeplearning.ai. When l4-summarizing, I want all the texts are summarized in Chinese, but the last review is still in English. Is there any bug?

There are a few tips to make prompt get answers near to what we expect. I cannot post of all them here, so I suggest taking a look on:

In your specific case:

Summarize the review below, delimited by triple \
backticks in at most 26 Chinese words.

I believe the words delimited by triple have been understood as maximum 3... Chinese words.
And if backticks you mean markdown code format (monospaced, fixed-width characters block) with “```” - you should explain more simply as separated instructions maybe in System role - please, again, take a look on the thread above.

Yes, after I deleted “triple”, it’s ok.

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