Why OpenAI keeps telling me that "This content may violate our usage policies."

This innocent cartoon question answer keeps hara55ing me.
I cannot figure out why.

Not even OpenAI knows the answer.

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Guys, is it just me, or has the censorship in ChatGPT gone way higher than what it used to be?


They don’t like Spanish speaking people.

Gone be wrong with development team .I think its a bug or something

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OpenAI should use their own AI and fix this system outage automatically.

OpenAI are trying to avoid copyright, this is why your chats are having issues.

It’s trying to avoid copyright with selective movies only. Star Wars and Gone With the Wind. Other movies have no problem. It’s quite an inconsistent problem. I even typed the word Boeing by mistake (it was for a different chat) and I got the same warning.

I got the violation prompt from asking about Kuru.

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