Why `OpenAI Embedding` return different vectors for the same text input?

Does OpenAI Embedding return different vectors for the same text input? However, it seems to randomly return from a specific set of vectors. Why is this happening? If this is not the correct behavior, could it be due to inconsistent information across nodes in the server cluster? Is this a bug or by design?
the testing as below:
OpenAI.API.http/OpenAI.http at master · AwesomeYuer/OpenAI.API.http (github.com)

Embeddings only return vectors. The vector is the same for the same input, same model, and the same API endpoint. But we have seen differences between the OpenAI endpoint and the Azure endpoint for the same model. So a pick an endpoint and stick with it to avoid any differences.

There could be very slight roundoff errors in the embedding when calling it over and over for the same (above) configuration, but this is in the noise and won’t effect your search result.

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Azure OpenAI Service have not this issue!