Why i got charged twice for my ChatGPT Plus

Hey guys,

I wanted to bring to your attention that I purchased the ChatGPT Plus Subscription three days ago under my account, and have already received an invoice for it. However, I was surprised to see that the services have been stopped yesterday and I am being prompted to pay again.

I would like to understand the reason for this sudden change and would appreciate your assistance in resolving the issue.
Screenshot 2023-03-31 115813


The same for me, and my account still don’t work after two charge.


The same with me. I paid and still cannot use gpt plus even though my payments were accepted.

Same here as well. Already paid for Plus subscription but still cannot use gpt plus

Same here, I used ChatGPT Plus for over a month without problems and now after the second renewal, it is no longer working. I see this is more common than I thought. Hopefully, they will fix billing and accounts soon. Already 72hrs of downtime in less than 2 months and support is nonexistent … :expressionless:

Same here. I renewed it again after initially forgetting to add money into the correct account for it. Then saw it was still prompting me to do it on the website, so I didn’t think much of it and thought it was an error and subscribed again, now I have two subscriptions under the one account, still no access to the plus version almost 24 hours after I paid, and my bank has been charged twice too. Support hasn’t answered and I’m not holding out hope. Fantastic…

Same here. I am already paying for GPT-4 but the “upgrade to plus” button wont go away and I can only access the free version. Accidentally paid for a second active subscription and cancelled that after I saw two $20 charges for the same month.

Join us here for the same problem: Paid for ChatGPT Plus but still getting free version

The same with me. Why do they do this to us? What about “Customer is king”?

The same here, how can i complain about this?