Why does Azure Open AI embedding not allow to an array of text as input

Hi All,
Does anyone know why Azure Open AI do not support this while Open AI does. I cannot say

create_embed([“text1”,“text2”] with Azure Open AI

Can you show the code and the errors you receive? (the example you posted is missing a closing “)”)

Also what libraries are you using.

Yes, that is a typo. The error that I get is

Embedding process failed with too many inputs. the max number of inputs is 1. We hope to increase the number of inputs per request soon.

Ok, well for now it seems you are limited to one with the OpenAI call. What advantage do you get from adding more than one?

What advantage do you get from adding more than one?

Batching multiple texts in a single request is useful when embedding large amounts of text. In addition to increasing speed of embedding, reducing the number of requests reduces the chance of exceeding rate limits.

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I have 1100 documents which I chunk, average chunk number is around 600. I had to do one by one call to the API. If I can send a bunch together, I think it will reduce the network hops

OK, so the embedding models are so fast that network overheads are a factor, ok cool, thanks for the info.