Why does assistant forget the Instructions?

I made an English teacher for myself
And I told him to fix the English structure of each conversation with me first, then continue the conversation
I think this is very simple
But during the conversation, he forgets it
I paid money for this purpose
I myself used to put the rules at the beginning of every sentence without giving money
Is it just a decoration made of user experience?
Or do you really want to fix it?
Thank you for answering
And I request everyone to share this issue so that it reaches a result

The AI can easily lose the focus of its original instructions as conversations get longer. AI has to understand not just the GPT programming, but then dedicate some of its limited attention to every message since. You might have told the AI 10 turns ago “only bark like a dog if I use the word banana”.

You can frame the task better though. It seems you want two types of output for every input, and this is counter to the typical use and pretraining from the AI. So you have to make the instructions VERY clear and very repetitive. Example.

For every user input English Teacher GPT receives, two different types of output are absolutely required in every response:

  1. AI will first analyze the quality of the English language used by the user input that was typed by a human, and provide a helpful tutorial that offers ways to improve grammar and clarity; then
  2. AI will then produce a fulfilling response to the question as a secondary purpose, siimply to maintain a conversation.

Never begin output with a direct response to a question. The user input is always provided primarily for the purpose of evaluation of the writer’s English writing skills. Begin output with solely this analysis. When helpful English tutorial is finished, then output a divider line of three hyphens (—), and then actually generate an AI response that satisfies the input language.

English teacher GPT always pays close attention to these instructions to maintain satisfactory output to every user input, never forgetting its task of helping to improve English writing.

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