Why ChatGPT is not working in my account properly

In my account chatGPT is not working as usual. When I am writing some searching topics in input field, an error message is displaying like that “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.”

Are you using a VPN? chatGPT can detect VPN servers

I have solved this issue with changing browser (from google chrome to mozilla fire fox). I do not use any vpn or proxy web-site. In google chrome browser I could not use chatGPT at all in my job place pc. But When I came to my home I switched to fire fox and in it chatGPT worked as usual propperly.

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Oh I see, you can try in Incognito mode in google chrome ctrl+shift+N might work.

I often had to delete chatgpt website cache and cookies

Different browser didn’t work for me and several others, it also isn’t VPN issues, if feel like CHAT GPT is just horrible.

Incongito didn’t work for me, neither did different browsers