Whisper AI integration for offline voice typing dictation


With the powerful voice typing model of whisper AI, I am wishing that open AI can Make it easy for developers to integrate it in their keyboards like SwiftKey and other Android keyboards to offer a seamless experience for offline voice typing transcription, OR, I’m wishing that open AI can integrate it in their coming voice assistant to provide a voice typing dictation experience through voice using any keyboard and with auto punctuation in a way similar to Google’s assistant voice typing which is unfortunately only exclusive 4 Pixel phones.

joining you here… I wish, too… But I don’t think it will happen in our lifetime)

(How to install and use Whisper offline (no internet required) · openai/whisper · Discussion #1463 · GitHub)

if this is possible than means there is away most likely.

Why not? Almost daily I’m hearing about advances in the efficiency of language models and if tensor processors are technically lower in raw performance then their counter snapdragn CPUs so I think at leastSnapdragon seven and eight series can handle voice typing tasks without an issue. I just hate it when Google is keeping things for their Pixel phones only, and these phones are only available in certain markets and also they are notorious for hardware issues. They should learn from Apple which do not discriminate between their phones like Google!!