Whisper AI doesn't transcribe

Using Whisper AI, it doesn’t transcribe the first approximately 10 minutes of the audio file I provide as input (italian language)

I think a little more information is needed for someone to be able to understand and help with the issue you are facing.

I work with Whisper API a lot. If you are able to share the audio file and show the parameters you are using in the API request, I can see if I have the same issue on my end or not.

Hi, These are the parameters I use:

model: "large-v3",
      translate: false,
      temperature: 0,
      transcription: "plain text",
      suppress_tokens: "-1",
      logprob_threshold: -1,
      no_speech_threshold: 0.6,
      condition_on_previous_text: true,
      compression_ratio_threshold: 2.4,
      temperature_increment_on_fallback: 0.2

As for the Audio file (mp3) I use as input, it’s quite long (around an hour), and even though the voice isn’t very clear in the first few minutes, the transcription starts after about 10 minutes.

Is there a parameter setting that can solve this issue?