Which LLM (opensource) can be use for task Breakdown

Hi, i am searching for an opensource LLM that can be used to generate a list of tasks from a high-level Objective. the LLM will be given list of tools and capabilities to help divide the task

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That absolutely sounds like something GPT-4 with the new functions ability can do, but OpenAI do not make their models weights and biases public, so it would not fit your opensource requirement.

You might look at alternatives like llama and do some experimentation.

This is a rather ambiguous statement. You could mean that you want agent-like AI behavior, which is supposed to perform the task itself, commanding other code. Or you could mean that you want an advice bot.

Objective: start a fire in the rain
Tools: wet book of matches, rocks, forest setting with wood, camping livery
Capabilities: two fully functional humans that can follow commands

You are asking on an OpenAI forum. The instruction following and problem-solving capabilities of community AI models will vary greatly.

If you want to get really open-source (which Meta’s Llama is not, the ultimate trained AI behind most community weights you see discussed): https://huggingface.co/togethercomputer/RedPajama-INCITE-7B-Instruct, which is a few shot model, meaning it can learn from examples how to act.

Thanks for your reply. Input to LLM will be 2 things.
1.Available Tools

Let me give one example to clarify.

1. Jira: create a ticket, create a project, assign a ticket, etc
2. Zappier: send email.
3. Twitter: create posts, get trending topic

create a ticket for XYZ task and send details over email

Expected Output
[{“task”:“create a ticket for XYZ”,“tool”:“Jira”},{“task”:“send email with details”,“tool”:“Zappier”}]