Which is the best API to convert text to video with AI


Hello guys, I want to create a platform to convert text to video, which APIs do I need to use?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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That is not a feature OpenAI currently offer as a public facing solution, there are a few out there that can make short video clips, but it’s still very early days at this stage. Text to Video search on twitter, bing, google, might be worth a try, I think there is one called runway? not my area.


OpenAI does not have text-to-video as a feature.

Even the services that DO have text-to-video, largely don’t deliver video of the quality that you’d need for the service to be useful.

It’s a really hard problem!


I have a similar question about converting a blog to a YouTube video, as I’m lacking the personal aesthetics. Just blog text to images would be interesting and might work into a video.

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Try videopoet from google to be released soon. I also tried Kaiber but its not easy to get an accurate result. I think the quality is no longer the concern.

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We have a difference in opinion about what kind of “quality” we are talking about I think.
Will it generate images that look good stand-alone? Probably! Midjourney solved that quite nice for still images, and there are some really cool motion/video generator models.
Will it generate video that actually follows stage direction, and actually describes the concepts you’re talking about?
Given that that’s not actually a solved problem for still images, let me express my doubt that it’s already solved for video…

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