Where to do I find the endpoint URL?

I’m writing a Google Apps Script to populate a Google Sheet. Working in 3.5, but cannot find the endpoint URL to plug in to the code ANYWHERE. Yes, this is my first time.

You will likely need to do far more than rely on ChatGPT to make up fabricated URLs.

API documentation.


Sorry - what is it I’m looking for in this documentation? This appears to be a URL for chat completion, and that’s not what I’m doing.

I’ve read that I’d receive the enpoint URL when I received my API key, but this didn’t happen.

The API isn’t just an “endpoint” but a carefully formulated set of messages and parameters that you must send in json format, to then get a response from the model, that must be parsed.

Simply pasting some URL into some script somewhere doesn’t create a chatbot you can interact with.

I appreciate your patience, but I’m not attempting to create a chatbot, but rather to create a script that populates a Google Sheet from ChatGPT results.

Okay, hope you find what you are looking for in the documentation (specifically “curl” to show the headers and the body to be sent).

Note: ChatGPT is the web chatbot end-user product; the OpenAI API offers “models”, with names like “gpt-3.5-turbo”.

There’re two types of completions: chat completions and completions.
Chat ones take a message history/conversation history and generate the corresponding message, while the other one takes a text and generates the next chunk of text.
Visual difference:
Chat completions:

  • (will work)

  • User: Hello!

  • AI: Hi there, how can i assist you today?

  • (will also work)

  • System: You’re a system inside Google Sheets who completes the sheets. Here’s the data and what you have to do…

  • AI: (normally follows the structure and responds accordingly)

(normally, when you only take a system message and don’t follow an actual conversation it’s called “few-shot prompting”)

  • (will not work)

  • User: Hello!

  • AI: (davinci will possibly answer with something random it thinks it’s correct)

  • (will work)

  • User: generate a tagline for a shoe shop

  • Davinci: cool shoes everywhere
    (I’m not good at writing taglines lol)

So, yeah, you’d definitely want to use chat completions, whenever you’re building a ChatGPT implementation in Sheets or a chatbot. You also have access to GPT-4 via the chat completion API, OpenAI’s latest and smartest model.