Where do i put specific instructions for data processing in my GPT

I am making a GPT to analyze a set of data per user requirements.

I can write the specific instructions but quickly run into the character limit.

As we all know there are many steps in an analysis. Where do i define those steps if i do not have the room in the instructions?

I have tried putting this in the docstring of the module, but the GPT pays no attention to the instructions in the docstring even when told explicitly to do so.

I tried using prompts but when the user even strays a little bit from the prompt the GPT gets lost, starts making things up.

I was thinking that I could define the process in Actions but this does not appear to be the case either.

If i have multiple defined processes for the data how do I give them to the GPT?

my gpt: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-FHnNhEZOC-hammerdirt

For best results the earlier you refer to a specific file that has steps or a process in your instructions, the better. Whenever you use the builder to optimize the instructions it will try to condense the instructions as much as possible. Longer instructions means longer processing time unless you are running it from an API.