Where can I start to learn and code?

I want to create a chatbot that can answer questions about an specific topic… say… restaurant hours and food for example.

^^ I want to do this using OpenAI. with JavaScript and Next.js, hosted by Vercel ← Is this possible?

Right now I am using Langchain in Next.js (using JavaScript)… and I am having problems because the chatbot doesn’t have memory, it can answer questions from a giving vector file stored locally ( I am using Faiss vector store to convert a text file into a vector, then storing it in the computer, and the bot answers from the file in the computer)…

^^ As I said, the bot doesn’t have memory meaning it doesn’t hold information I give him from the chat, but WORST is that it works from my localhost, but NOT live when it is hosted by Vecel <---- Is it possible to create a chatbot with memory, vector files, using Next.js/JavaScript, and be hosted by Vercel??? … Where can I learn to code this bot?