When defining the behavior of GPT, which person (I, GPT or you) is better

When defining the instruction or ask GPT doing something, I am always wondering how to call the GPT.

Has anyone compared which is better among I, you, GPT or something else?

Personally, I use “You are…”

I’m not sure if anyone has done official testing. I’d love to see the results, though.

Same. I use “you” and “the user”. My perspective is that I’m coaching someone who’s getting ready for a boxing match. I used “GPT” and “It” before but haven’t observed any definitive difference.

Funnily, I made a custom GPT where I referred to myself as me/I since I wasn’t planning on sharing it and it uses actions, and it sometimes gets confused when referring to files uploaded as knowledge where it will say stuff like “I’ve checked the files uploaded to your knowledge”.

I’ve reviewed the instructions and can’t find any ambiguity around it, and this only happens when talking about the knowledge aspect. Even after pointing it out it takes several messages for it to acknowledge it, where it will stubbornly concede that “By your knowledge, I (the GPT language model) meant the files uploaded to you (myself) which I have access to”.

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