What's the maximum JSON response size that ChatGPT plugins can hanlde?

We noticed that if ChatGPT calls our plugin and retrieves too much data, it will not be able to handle it, it won’t work. So we are usually sending the top 20 JSON array items only to ChatGPT.

Is there a limit on how much data we can send back to chagpt plugin via REST API?

JSON can handled it in ajax call back function .?

Ajax isn’t part of this question, we’re sending API response to chatgpt and if the response body is big, chatgpt will say that it’s big and something went wrong, we’ll get an error.

We’re trying to figure out what’s the maximum response size we can safely send to chatgpt plugins without causing chatgpt to complain about the response size

from my observations, I believe the amount of objects is not the problem, it’s the amount of characters

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It is a very good question. Unfortunately, however, nobody could answer it here.

I can also prove it has undocumented limits on the size of the OpenAPI.yaml, the length of attributes and the syntax.

Whoever goes to the OpenAI Developer Conference on November 6 in San Francisco would do a great service to the community if you could ask OpenAI developers the questions in person.

If I lived on the west coast, I would love to buy them a coffee and hang out with them regularly to ask some technical questions.

The answers on this forum usually come from average outsiders like me.

If you post your question to this thread

I’ll try and ask questions like this for you on the day if the opportunity arises.