what should use to bulid Saas for chating with static 50K document's , Chatgpt Api ? or Langchain ? or lamaindex ?

hello folks

i hav an idea and i want start to build it but before i have question based on the nature of the project and data

what should use to bulid it ?

when the data is static and its contains 50K document’s ,

should i use Chatgpt Api ?

or Langchain ?

or lamaindex ?

When you say “build”, what kind of development background do you have? Have you ever built a Saas application before? If so, then you may be able to leverage your existing experience and programming language skills to achieve your goal – you only need learn how to use the OpenAI APIs.

If you do not have this background, then Langchain seems like a safe bet as they have libraries pre-built for just about everything at this point.

As for GPTs or API Assistant, don’t know how you’re going to use them with 50K of documents.

I am working with some 25K of documents in a platform I developed in PHP, so it can definitely be done. But, I came to the game with an extensive development background.

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now i didn’t decide yet who will develop it just im evaluating the options

i have 50K documents of system and regulations and i want chat with them which option will be good for me ?

Retrieval-Augmented Generation

GPT4 Tutorial: How to chat with multiple pdf files - The Chat Completion Process (R.A.G. / Embeddings)

And this is the strategy I used to accomplish the goal, building a platform on top of a content management system designed to maintain thousands of documents: SolrAI Module Development Proposal | Software Creations