What languages does the new TTS API support?


What languages does the new TTS API support? Is there a list of the supported languages somewhere? I need it to speak with the correct accent.

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Hi @nicolas.tuomaala00

I couldn’t find anything in docs or the announcement regarding languages supported on the TTS models, so I tested it with a sentence of Punjabi (my language) written in Gurmukhi script and it surprisingly works. It sounds better than if I were to ask a native English speaker to read transliteration of the sentence.

I’d share audio but this platform doesn’t support audio files.

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The TTS API has no language limitation (i.e. it supports any text in any language). However, you’ll probably get better performance in some languages than others (such as English), reflective of the training data.


Hi @atty-openai , how about dialects or accents that share the same language (orthography) ? E.g. is there a way to explicitly ask for Australian English TTS instead of American English, or Cantonese instead of Mandarin Chinese?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but that’s useful feedback, thank you!

I have not found that your TTS can support cantonese, So i was wondering can u help our product realize this feature?

Is there a roadmap of upcoming voices and local dialects (like French Canadian)?

Unfortunately the French output really sounds like an anglophone speaking in French. Excellent prosody and intonations. But definitely something we can use in production without offending a large portion of our customers.