What is the token-limit of the new version GPT 4o?

Does anybody know what the token-limit of the new version GPT 4o is? Unfortunately, during my research on this topic, I keep finding different pieces of information.

128k tokens
thats for API

chatGPT is probably 32k, however it seems they removed the context from chatgpt pricing page

so Iam not sure if its still 32k in chatGPT
EDIT: ah wait, just scroll down more :smiley:

Also from what I have seen, the tokenizer is now completely different so something like this will no longer show it correctly for gpt4o

oh actually it now says “gpt4o coming soon”

GPT-4o, like other recent models, will not allow you to produce more than 4k of output tokens however, and is trained to curtail its responses even more than that.

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Does it the limit reset after some time? I heard that it resets every 24h

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Are you referring to rate limits, such as RPM (requests per minute), RPD (requests per day), TPM (tokens per minute), TPD (tokens per day)?

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Once you have paid the token amount to use the API, there are no daily limits. Just per-minute limits that far exceed that needed for several people. The gpt-4o model has the highest limits yet, letting you know how little computational impact the model has (the quality in anything but chatting also lets you know how little computation powers it…)

Model Tier 1 Token limits Tier 1 Request limits
gpt-4o 30,000 TPM 500 RPM


Model Tier 5 Token limits Tier 5 Request limits
gpt-4o 5,000,000 TPM 10,000 RPM

The first tier, paying $5, the rate is sufficient to empty your balance in 20 minutes if you ran a script.

The actual way the rate limit algorithm works can be described like:

  • You start with a minute’s worth of requests;
  • Your bucket refills at the continuous rate after use.

Although you can also get limited if you try to make all 500 RPM the same second.

I asking in regards to context lenght (not API) but browser based using GPT 4o on: chatgpt com

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My response was to a different post in your thread :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I am also not fully certain about the context length for the new model on the ChatGPT interface.

I disagree that the 500 tokens per minute “far exceed what’s needed for several people”, I just made a translator app for myself and if the person speaks for a long time, it cuts it off, and we’re talking like 1:30 or 2 mins of speech, nothing unrealistic. Whisper aces it, writes it down, sends it for translation and the translation comes back truncated if it goes over the 500 tokens per minute.

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That’s 500 REQUESTS per minute. Over 8 per second.

If you are getting truncation, you should check the max_tokens API parameters and log any error messages you receive - the rate limit is not subtle, you get denied further API calls.

you’re absolutely right, that was it, my bad

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I also looked up information to find out if it was advisable to stop paying, but on Reddit I found users who say they reached 7, 13, or 16 messages before it switched from GPT-4 to @ 3.5.

And asking chatGPT4o directly, he searched the internet and it says 80 every 3 hours for a payment plan. 160 for team membership

I think the variation in the free plan is due to “variations depending on availability”

I hope i’ve helped

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I had a doubt that the Plus plan shows 5x more messages. But what is 5x more messages? Like if I have 5 messages limit per day then I will have 25? Just 25? Or is it like I will have 25 per chat and no reset time? or which plan has no reset time?

Thank you in advance

i bought the subscription based version, 37.99 NZD a month. I didnt know anything about it or request limits. i just wanted to have philosophical conversations and discuss random tidbits. Do i have some kind of limit per day? i did use a lot of requests…?

As mentioned right above the last two replies, the evaluation period for rate-limiting ChatGPT is three hours.

If you were given 80 message per 3 hours, then you’d not be able to receive an answer to question 81 until question 1 had expired by being asked over three hours ago.

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So is it that there is only 3 hours limit from starting the first question?

And is it 80 chats or 80 questions in 1 chat?

Well, any question. If you asked 40 GPT-4 questions over a four-hour period, the initial 10 you might have asked that are past hour three no longer count against the limit. A continuous rate of one input per 4.5 minutes. With GPT-4o counting against the limit half as much.

Per account.

Is it for ChatGPT Plus or Team? which one has more chats

Teams is a higher tier, but requires at least two paid seats at the higher cost, and doesn’t have the required management to prevent users from just adding more users to a company.

Here’s where current and any changing limits would be: https://help.openai.com/en/articles/6950777-what-is-chatgpt-plus