What is the best practices using third party API data with assistant?

Hello guys,

I am trying to use an assistant as an advisor in a specific context. I created a function to retrieve data from a third party API. With the response I expect that the advisor do a deep analysis in the data to answer the user. But right now the advisor response is pretty the same I can do using this third party API by myself. For example, reccomending the first three options.

Am I missing something to make it more useful? I already tried to change the assistant instruction, the user prompt and the model. But the results are pretty the same.

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What does your prompting look like? The AI will only do as you have asked, so it is probably down to the wording of the prompt.

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Yes, perhaps you should refine your commands. You can try out the effects of the commands in the square; moreover, if the commands are a bit more complex, you might need GPT-4. GPT-4’s ability to understand commands should be higher than 3.5, though of course, 4 is also more expensive.

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