What is the actual cutoff date for GPT-4?

GPT-3.5-turbo models, including the newest preview, have not been retrained yet on new knowledge up to 2023 like gpt-4-turbo, an advancement of knowledge date which was announced November 6.


If previews and trials of a newer AI model were done in a less public manner (as might have been seen in the limited “GPT-4 alpha” some free ChatGPT users got to experience), ChatGPT might be the place for certain users to see it before it is broadly available.

Right now, ChatGPT 3.5 is programmed with “Knowledge cutoff: 2022-01-01” as part of the system message.

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We shouldn’t trust what the language model says.

This is a response from the GPT-4 model that I’m using under the Team plan, not the Plus plan.

I have never heard of any language model with such a specification.

However, with this context length, the answer is the same no matter how many times I ask…

This is very confusing and I hope it can be answered correctly.

You’re right, I misread my output when I retrieved the system message.