What is spinning up tools used for?

For trying the logic training? Anything else?
serach for spinningup openai com you’ll find the detailed engineering tutorials. But what is it for?
Or only for some specific functionality in specific fields?

It is about machine reinforcement learning software stacks from 2018.

Good place for conspiracy theorists to search for things they don’t understand, like words starting with Q.

Appreciation on all of these resources~
I’ve learned policy-iteration and value-iteration on lectures.
In my understanding it’s something about creating an executor like game-player or auto-drivers.
Why would Reinforcement Learning be used for large language models in NLP field? I can see nothing boosting those projection layers like attention or maksed-skeleton attentions.
I don’t know what the exact intuition behind the personalized user feedback models. Does it really matter to add those MDP scores into those over-parameterized feed-forward sub-layers? Or I just tried a wrong guess on the application of this repository.

Reinforcement learning is also the game played with token sequences to give a reward model to optimize generation.

The documentation there is at the infancy of transformer-based language models, many pages older than Google’s paper.

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So if available any recent influential papers that have advanced the field in the last year or two after BERT created?

Check out this thread which also covers newer papers.