What if the prompt contains multiple columns(.XLSX) when finetuning Gpt-3?Since it must be just one column as a Jsonl Doc

So when I use OpenAI CLI to process the dataset, the "prompt"part is just left with one column, and other two columns are deleted automatically when transferred into Jsonl document.

I don’t how this happen, should I integrate the 3 parts into one before finetuning?

What are your 3 columns?

Fine tuning with JSONL has just two parts, prompt and completion

The "prompt"part includes a “narrative”, “dialogue” and the “interlocutor”.

We developed a tool which validates, gives suggestions and reformats your data:

openai tools fine_tunes.prepare_data -f <LOCAL_FILE>

This tool accepts different formats, with the only requirement that they contain a prompt and a completion column/key.

Yeah, I got some tools to make these sub-columns into one. Thanks!