What happens to "Assistants" created by user whose account gets deleted?


I am planning to delete Member from subscription.
Member created some “Assistants”.
What will happen to “Assistants” created by this user?

Could not find information in documentation about this.

After user deletion who created “Assistant”, “Assistant” stays.

Tested by inviting dummy account to team who then created “Assistant” and later got deleted.

“Assistants” are not delete protected. Anyone, even with read-only role, can create and delete them. Important information can be easily lost.

The only thing you “subscribe” to is ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT Teams.

Subscription being a recurring $20/mo charge.

Assistants is an API endpoint and method, unconnected to ChatGPT, the web chatbot, which has its own invite system with members who can be “owner” or “reader”.

Perhaps you are talking about the organization system within an API account (which requires no payment except for the organization itself to be funded).