What are people building with Asssitants?

I am wanting to know what people are building, mainly in terms of code generation and managing codebases. But I would love to hear anything else!

Why are you building it? What is the motivation?

I’m actually building it into my ChatGPT interface for teams as “Apps” which are similar to the concept of GPTs - I find the term “Apps” easier to understand for the general audience.

There is a request from one of my customer who is an education institute to create an app that can help their finance department respond to billing related emails quickly:

The context was that there is lots of nuaces to billing in education institutes due to variables like scholarships, subsidies, year of enrollment, financial health of family, etc and there is literally a handbook/flowchart to determining the bill of a student. On top of that, these staffs have to craft professional emails that has a certain tone of voice. Having ChatGPT Assistant was great because we can upload all the billing knowledge, get it to print intermediate steps on how it derive the bill and then finally printing the email responses itself.


Yeah that does seem pretty tedious! How long have you been working on wielded?

I’m building an assistant for an e-commerce site. It’s an equestrian e-commerce site so the assistant is an AI Horse :grinning: that knows all things horse related. I plan to add embeddings so that it can recommend products on the site.

It’s roughly been a month or so, but most of the time speaking to people to understand their use cases rather than building.