What about model 3.5-1106 in the future?


It’s a few months I’m building an app based on model 3.5 Turbo 1106, as it’s much more efficient for my project, but seeing that Openai released a new 0125 model, can I still rely on using the 1106 or will it be deprecated in a few months ?

Thank you if you have any info about that. I just hope to not have to re-write all my prompts as the difference of response between 0125 to 1106 is actually important.

Hi there - for the time being you can still rely on using the model.

To my knowledge, there is no known date yet for the depreciation of the 1106 model. What we know is that the version 0613 will be depreciated on June 13 this year.

You can stay up to date on model updates and planned depreciation timelines under the following two links: