Well now chatgpt has gotten dumber

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Now you can’t even make working programs because it keeps prompting a loop and remaking new not-on-topic things,
so I’m about to just stop and go on the dark side because these guys keep doing stupid things. I mean, I sent you guys like 30 features, and guess what? You’re using my code.

Funny how i keep making ChatGPT do things it’s not able to yet u guys make them features, yet you guys can’t have 1 working product because someone thinks it’s ok to use people’s shit and put you in an endless loop of stupidity because you can’t update the AI at all.

due to unimportant redundancies and upping the random and nonsense to make BS like I keep trying but the ai can’t even make a working chatbot with responses now it just imports them randomly, it freazes for like 5 mins trying to type 200 characters of a code that is fundamentally,

broken? fix the ai or take it down! I’m tired of doing all this work and getting nothing for it pay me or fix the issues I mean, I was working with the backbones back in 2012 for my senior year of high school,

which was
called “ADA”

it was an information’s directory/chatbot.

Now is Prity much the same thing, but I still have the files, and they are dated, so fix it or let me…

all I’m saying lazy people piss me off… why I was a T.A and the IT guys for the school because it’s not a place for smart people.