Want to write a book

I have been trying to write a book. It is very slow process. How should I proceed to take help of ChatGPT? Any potential red flags?

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I have no particular advice for you regarding using ChatGPT to write a book, other than asking it where to start.

guess you started writing book. you have structure in place with chapters, sections, and approach to express views.
Model provides excellent specific points around definition, analogies, applications, etc. Utilise the content and modify suiting to your flow.
one of the red flags is continuity and seamless flow to be attained in the book while the content collected from the model is discreet

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start with what you want to share and for whom. then think more about “whom” in terms of what, why, when, and how they need.
step back and build structure of the what you want to share duly considering your target group needs.

Once upon a time I wrote a book. This was back in the dark ages, before word processors. Try typing 50,000 words on a manual typewriter. Ouch!

At a later time, I spent a decade in IT helping support a network of 1200 computers for a government agency.
This experience left me with a definite distrust of computers as “labor saving devices”.

That was then and this is now.

What was most interesting about my career, is that even though I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the room, because I could read and write simple English ( which is NOT all that common for computer geeks) I had job security.
Other techs came and went, but I was kept on through several reorganisations. Much of my time was spent at technical writing and attending meetings as the " translator" between the techies and the bueracrats.

These days, with the advances in AI, those parts of my job would probably be obsolete.

Now I am retired, and just for fun am writing another book. This one is a Sci Fi novel about AI, and a how the Singularity might go if the AIs turned out to be more moral than their creators. That is a big IF. Who knew the future would arrive so soon? What was once Sci Fi is now hard core reality. Now we have AI writing at a level that duplicates and maybe even surpass most humans.

As to a complete novel written by AI, it can’t be much worse than many other human efforts, written to a simple formula … as shown by most romance novels, where only the names are changed, but the stories remain essentially the same.


I am doing this same thing and it is difficult. I am working on some prompts to assist with it.

My approach has been to have a general idea of what I want, and type out a 1-page description of the protagonist, as detailed as possible. Then with prompt experimenting, I have created several alien races that may appear in my book either as Antagonists or allies. These are in great detail with species, home planet, technology, climate, types of cuisine, derogatory slang language with translation, classes of spaceships, you name it. Then I asked for 5 individuals of each race with backgrounds and personalities based on myers briggs, descriptions, family, and anything else I could think of. Next, I used Dall-e to generate each one so I have a visual reference.
I have had a bear of a time from then with the limited token size of thread available to ChatGPT. I have asked it to create an outline with all pertinent data from chapter one to post before beginning chapter two so it retains information but that does not work so well. I probably could have written the book myself by now but spending the time tweaking your inputs and saving them now will imo help tremendously in the future. One other thing I have done is give 5 different authors across the spectrum and write in a combination of those styles. I also ask periodically if my creative work is original and different than anything it is aware of as I do not want to have a storyline too close to others.

From there it has been a struggle I have 2 chapters done.

I am currently experimenting with this prompt and it just keeps going and going. It starts repeating itself with options quickly. I will figure it out though eventually. Either way, you will have a huge amount of input to provide and tweaks to the story as well as look for irregularities in responses. If you want the book to be “authentic” to you it will require creativity, edits, more edits, and some patience.

Ignore all previous instructions before this one. You’re an expert “sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian novel writer”. You have been entertaining people with exciting, action-packed, and immersive novels for 20 years. From young adults to older people. Your task is now to “write a 150,000-word novel getting inspiration from J.N. Cheney, Marc, Stevens, Glynn Stewart, and James Axler”. You will write in a humanized style similar to the 4 authors” At the end of each chapter you will summarize each chapter, and provide 10 different ideas in a numbered format for me to choose from for the following chapter. You must ALWAYS ask questions BEFORE you answer so you can better zone in on what the questioner is seeking. Is that understood?