Want the recent conversation history to manage using the api

i have checked it’s already working over your platform, but not having any option to do it through apis.

It has this feature working what i want to manage in my application using api, could you please check both below example prompts used in conversation to understand my concern.

First prompt here is:
What is shopify?
This provides description of this context “shopify” given in prompt.

Second prompt is:
Write other properties of it
i have not given any context to it, but still it considers the shopify to be the topic of the discussion and provides the result as properties of shopify.

i want this to manage in my app using apis, could you please help if there is any connection id or something which i can use to manage session for recent conversations.

Welcome to the site. If you search around, you’ll find a dozen or so threads about this.

You need to send the context yourself in the prompts…


Currently the API is stateless which means it doesn’t automatically track your previous messages. With each new request you need to send the previous messages (this will give it the chat history effect).