Waiting long time when making API calls

Hello there!

We are a company making API calls to OAI.
Those regulery have input words of around 1.5 k.

When trying out prompts like this in playground there is no issue.

However when making calls via API we need to wait +1.5 minutes for response and our server disrupts connection.

Our quota is completely fine btw…

Anyone else had this issue?
Anything we can do to prevent it?


same problem here , quota is good , but the api to gpt3.5 takes more than 1 minute for small prompts and forever to big prompts (more that 1000 token)

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Also might add, that we also use 3.5 in our system.

same for me, some api calls just take minutes to complete, and some just don’t complete at all…


Same here, for very short prompts on calling chat api.


Who are you contacting rergarding this?
I didnt find any support option where I could chat / talk to people.

Are there some admins in the forum that we could ask?

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