Voice-to-Text via Whisper Integration in ChatGPT Web App

I’m interested in having the voice-to-text feature, powered by Whisper, integrated directly into the ChatGPT web application. While I’m aware of the option to use Whisper via external API calls, I’m looking for a more seamless, native experience that leverages the internal quota included in the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

The mobile app’s voice recognition significantly enhances user interaction by allowing natural speech as input. Incorporating this natively on the web would greatly benefit desktop users like myself, who prefer to avoid mobile device distractions and fully utilize the services paid for under the Plus subscription.

Are there any plans or a timeline for adding such a feature to the web platform for Plus subscribers?

Apologies if this has been covered; I couldn’t find any other topic specific related in the community platform. Thank you for any information you can provide.

p.s.: I know there are some other alternatives that I can use like:

but I’d prefer to use ChatGPT directly for privacy reasons.


Very valid usability question/feature request sort of ignored?

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Same here, i just subscribed to ChatGPT plus subscription thinking that i could benefit from native whisper functionality directly from the APP. It would be nice if the functionality of whisper: audio to text woukd be included built-in without having to install an additional API (python++).
I tried to interact with 4o and offered to upload an audio file, but does not seem that it can manage it