Verbose responses need a /v switch not default as it is

The verbose responses are just garbage trying to cover every known possible answers

I want a /v switch to turn that on not the default response

Just makes ChatGPT look stupid or more like a book and not engaging into a conversation to fix a problem

Short answers are much clearer and to the point. They are more likely to be useful in fixing a issue quickly.

twitter proved that before it got destroyed by X

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Have you tried just telling it to be less verbose in your system prompt?

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Backpacking off Paul here - you could easily fine tune a model to respond how you would like, that’s actually one of the main reasons for fine-tuning is to control tone. You could also play with different prompts to make it respond in a less verbose manner.

Edit: well maybe not easily fine-tune a model but, you could fine-tune a model

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System prompting will get what you want. You can make your own boolean to turn on the guidance.

Normal answer:

user: How many teeth does a hippopotamus have?
AI: Hippopotamuses typically have between 36 and 40 teeth. They have large, strong incisors and canines that are used for fighting and defense, and their molars are adapted for grinding vegetation. The exact number of teeth can vary among individual hippos.

Add some custom instruction to ChatGPT:

 output format:
 - brief
 - answer only
 - avoid AI commentary
 - don't ask for more user questions

user: How many teeth does a hippopotamus have?
AI: A hippopotamus typically has 40 to 44 teeth.


You are right of course. I guess I want it default. Make me ask for verbose responses. When I use the stock ChatGPT, now I need to say briefly and browse all the time.

I just remember when Unix help had a /v switch and stock responses were short to the point not a book :open_book: