Vectra-py: a free local vector database

Sharing this on behalf of the author since it’s awesome! Brian ported my JavaScript based local vector database, Vectra to Python!!! One of the many awesome things about this is that you can create a Vectra index using one language, like python or JS, and then consume it from any other language since indexes are just JSON files on disk…

It’s fast , free, and supports most of pinecones features. There are numerous production uses but if you’re prototyping or building a sample app you should totally just use Vectra.


I feel like as a community there are numerous directions we could take Vectra… If you’re prototyping or building a sample app why would you not just use Vectra? It’s free and supports metadata filtering… But there are lots of productions use cases too. Selecting examples to include in a prompt, searching over a large set of commands in an Auto GPT style agent, etc. I’d love to see additional language bindings created and build a developer community around Vectra.

Thanks for the post Steve. Excited to see where this goes.

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