Using One Assistants Output as Another Assistants Input?

Hi, I’m a relatively new prompt engineer. I’m currently working on developing what is essentially a series of assistants stitched together with flowise for a client to automate a blog creation process. The idea is to assign one assistant to each aspect of the process, for example, the first assistant has access to a spreadsheet that contains our keyword rankings for one of our sites and returns the keywords with the lowest rankings, the second bot would then take these keywords and generate topics based on them, the next bot selects an SEO framework for the blog etc etc.

So to get to the meat of my ask, I’m having trouble figuring out how to use the output or generation of one bot as the input or prompt for another bot. In other words, I ask the bot A what our lowest ranked keywords are, bot A then - instead of giving its generation to the user - sends its generation directly to Bot B which then uses it to create the topics and so on and so forth. I’m currently experimenting with custom tools and prompt chaining, however due to the fact that each bot needs to be an assistant - I am bottlenecking with prompt chaining.

Any and all help is massively appreciated, I’m eager to learn! Thanks for giving me the time of day to read this!

Make another assistant, Bot C.
Add two functions, getLowestRankedKeyword and createTopicsByKeyword.
Then make getLowestRankedKeyword use BotA and createTopicsByKeyword use Bot B.
Add in the Instructions of Bot C to call createTopicsByKeyword after calling getLowestRankedKeyword.


Heard, and thank you, I appreciate your response! I’ll start experimenting with that now. If I’m following it sounds like the bridge between each assistant is essentially another assistant?

Just think of your Bot A and Bot B as your external API.


That makes sense, thank you for the clarification.