Using image inpainting to create a background for a given image prompt

Hi everyone!
I am in the process of developing a project to generate a background for a single element given as a prompt. More specifically, I have a picture of an ornamental swallow (such as the one given below) and want DALLE-2 to generate some background for it. So that, for example, it would be on the wall of some house.

So far, unfortunately, attempts have not yielded favorable results. DALLE-2 either doesn’t see the swallows correctly and treats them as part of the wall or, if it somehow already interprets them correctly, it blurs and distorts them (which misses the point, since the swallow must necessarily be the same).

So my question is: is it even possible to realize the design vision I have, and is DALLE-2 even capable of such thing?
(I added the tag: API to the topic, because I plan to write an application that will implement the aforementioned function, but first I would like to know whether it makes sense to use DALLE-2 for this purpose at all)